Photoshoot FAQ and Info

Do you travel? Yes 

Do you do individual or Senior pictures? Yes

Do you do small or large family pictures? I can do small family (5 family members) but do not feel like I am experienced enough to do large families yet. 

Do you do newborn pictures? I could try

Do you do engagements or weddings? I have some experience as a second photographer. 

Will you take photos for a social media accout? For sure. 

Do you take pictures of kids doing sports? Yes

Do you do your absolute best to get pictures that are high quality? Yes

If the quality is poor can we work something out? Yes, I will not charge you for poor quality photos (ie. bad lighting, gritty, blurry) so I will decrease your cost or we can discuss a reshoot.

Do you print out the pictures? No, I will edit them and provide a digital link to all the edited photos. 

What is the best way to contact you? DM on Instagram 

How much experience do you have? I don't update my website regularly so by the time you read this I have more photoshoots under my belt than I would have if I had answered this question.  See my Instagram and Facebook account @restylelife for my most recent photoshoots.