Utah Photography

A little about RestyleLIFE

It's been so long since I came up with the name "RestyleLIFE" that I'm not exactly sure where it came from.  When I look at it now it means to me  that life sometimes has its ups and sometimes its way down. But if we can take the time to appreciate a sunset or do a good deed we are able to focus on the upside.  To change our perspective sometimes we need to find the "style" or beauty in life. 

"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak" -Rachel Zoe

Lacee Porter

Sharing my love of photography one photo at a time.  My favorite place to take pictures is in Utah, as I am a lifetime Utah native. I don't travel often, but when I do I appreciate the opportunity it gives me to capture the experience with my camera.  Whether my pictures were taken near or far you can expect to see a pretty picture or two if you follow along. 

  • Amateur Photographer

    I am a self-taught amateur photographer. I classify myself as a photographer not because of my experience or training, but because I am always looking to snap a photo of the next sunset or creative angle. I am set to have my first photography class at the beginning of 2020! Yay!!

  • The Road I'm On

    RestyleLIFE has made a few direction changes over the years (click link for more information) but I can safely say that one thing has stayed the same and that is change. It is constant. My social media accounts are the most up to date places to follow along with me and my most recent photography adventures.

  • This is Me Project

    I have new ideas pop into my head everyday and the 'This is Me Project' was one idea that I ran with. Everyone is awesome but for many unique reasons and I use my @thisismeproject_ Instagram account to highlight that. Let's celebrate our amazingness. I will try and keep this section as up to date as I can because I really believe in this project. It gives me all the feels. Check it out on Instagram @thisismeproject_