How did this page get in here?

This page may seem a little off subject, but it has a solid place in my heart.  I started off my whole blogging journey by trying to make a difference.  First I started posting pictures taken by other photographers (with their permission of course, which was a time consuming part of my blogging experience altogether), each picture was accompanied by a motivational or inspirational quote.  I wanted to show the good in the world by creating an all positive social media account and website.  

That was all fine and good, until one day I was approached through social media to be part of a brand that was selling clothing.  At first I was like ??? whatever, then he informed me that he gives a certain amount of profit to charity.  It instantly sparked my interest, I thought to myselft "this is how I can make a difference!"  I could use my blog to promote brands that give back (also known as socially conscious). So that's what I did.

I went on to become an ambassador (a representative) for a couple of other brands who also donate to charity.  I was feeling good about this, but I was also spending a CRAZY amount of time taking pictures while wearing their product in hopes of getting featured on their social media account. (I was getting a discount on merchandise, but I still had to spend money to promote the brand.) I was featured a few times, then it becomes a lot of 'I'll scratch your back, if you scratch mine.'  

I went to the Build Your Blog Conference in SLC to get more information about how to promote my cause.  When I showed up people had buisness cards (totally legit) and most were making a full time living off their blogging and social media accounts.  How To's, cooking, fashion.. You name it, they were there.  I was actually amazed at the variety of blogs out there.  At that conference I learned how I can make money blogging.  I was really interested, but didn't know exactally how to evolve my "positive charity promoting" blog into a successful money maker.  But I got a few ideas.

I came out of the conference with new motivation and confidence that I can do this!! I spent even more time taking pictures (and actually started getting really into photography, which is the other thing that makes this whole experience worth it.)  I spent a lot of strategic time with my posts and the pictures I took, to get them the way the brands wanted them and what I thought my followers wanted to see.  My photography became what others wanted to see, I was losing myself and my vision.

One day I did a fun vintage back to school photoshoot (very different from the outdoorsy and adventurous pictures I had been posting) with my son, niece, and nephew.  I was so pleased with the results and super excited to post the pictures.  My family was so nice to participate in the photoshoot and we all worked so hard.  I could hardly wait to post the picture. Finally, I posted the picture and to my disappointment there was only a minimal amount of likes.  All that effort only to go unnoticed and underrecognized. This made me second guess my choice to post that picture, and I even considered taking it down...

It was then that I knew I had turned into a social media monster.  My super nice family agreed to help me in that photoshoot, I knocked on multiple brightly painted doors to get permission to take the photos there, and it was hotter than the blazes that day. I cannot even believe I considered taking that photo down! I cared too much about what other people thought about me and my photography.  I lost confidence in myself and I was sort of mad that my followers did not support me and my efforts to branch out and try something new.  I also took it personally that the followers I knew in real life didn't click 'LIKE' on my picture. This was all because I did not get enough likes on ONE picture... what the???? 

Social media had ruined my confidence, and I was lame enough to let it! Who the heck cares how many people like my picture? Who cares how many followers I have? I did not care in the beginning, so why do I care now? 


So here's the deal, Causebox is the best!!  This company and their cause is what motivated me to get into blogging and promote socially conscious brands that give back.  They are responsible for getting my wheels spinning enough to create this website.  What is Causebox?  It is a beautiful box full of inspiring items that make me smile from ear to ear every time one comes in the mail.  I am smiling because...

Every time I put on my earrings from the Noonday Collection, I think of the amazing artisan who hand crafted them.  I remember that by purchasing this product I helped her and her community. It's a major plus that they make my ears look totally rad and they are my favorite earrings ever!

Every time I light my Bridgewater Candle I am reminded that I provided 3 meals to a child named Rosey, who enjoys reading and loves to smile.  The thought of Rosey not going to bed hungry makes buying this product so important.  And the scent of the candle, Mingle, is uh-mazing!! 

I could post about each and every item I have received in all of my Causeboxes over the last two years, but we might be here a while.  Each item is linked to a person and that person has a  story.  Their story is what really makes this box so much more than just a subscription.  If you are looking for a simple yet powerful way to make a difference... This box is for you! 

To start making a difference click here

3 Thirty

3 Thirty is such an amazing brand and if loving the look of their logo wasn't enough; I found out what the logo meant, and was even more excited to help promote them. 3 Thirty gives back to 3 different charities at any given time.  One is for animals, one is for people, and one is for the planet. The Thirty is the percent they donate.  For each purchase made they will donate 30% of the profit.  I am an animal lover through and through so my purchase went toward the charity that was helping animals at that time. Not only does 3 Thirty give back but they also promote getting outdoors and living an active lifestyle. With a focus on empowering and supporting active women it really makes them a brand worth supporting. Everything about 3 Thirty from their apparel to their cause makes me melt and I am happy to get the word out about their awesomeness. You can find them on instagram @shop3thirty and on their website

 3 Thirty

Love Your Melon

Photo by @loveyourmelon

Get ready to be inspired: Love Your Melon is an apparel brand started by a group of college students with big hearts. Because of their buy a hat, give a hat campaign they will be giving 45,000 hats to children across the nation who are currently battling cancer. As if that wasn't cool enough, they deliver the hats to the children in the hospital dressed as superheroes. To further expand their impact, they have now launched a new model and will donate 50% of each purchase to their affiliated cancer foundations that provide immediate support to children fighting cancer, and for research to beat childhood cancer. Love Your Melon thanks for letting me share this photo and promote your awesome cause. Check them out at 

Love Your Melon


The Giving Keys

This company is so awesome! You choose your word, something that you are in need of.  Then when you have owned your word (I am determined to get me some courage) you find someone else who is in need of it and pay it foward by giving them your necklace.  The best part is that you write your story on their website and you can read other peoples stories as well.  Talk about inspiration.  This whole idea makes my heart happy and I was so excited to share it. Check out 

The Giving Keys

 to find your word.  Comment below and let me know what word you chose and why.